Wholesale Services

We offer wholesale quantities and delivery for cafes, schools and commercial cookeries from Geraldton to Coogee!
We offer Free Range, Cage Free and Cage eggs.

Packing types available:

Caterers 30pk:          15 dozen per box 
Dozens 12pk:            15 dozen per box 
Half Dozens 6pk:       15 dozen per box 

We offer a variety of lay types and sizes.
We are always happy to discuss this to find which best suits your operation. 

WA Free Range Eggs

We are the only supplier of WA Free Range Eggs.  

A rating of 7 means that chickens are stocked at a density of 1,500 hens per hectare. 

RSPCA approves a density rating of 1,500 hens per hectare as safe and humane. 


WA Free Range Eggs pride themselves on higher

welfare egg production systems that improve welfare. 

This also provides opportunities for hens to express their most basic and natural behaviours such as perching, roosting, dust bathing, foraging and laying their eggs in a nest. 


Sizes Available